MT 110: Why you won’t be here next year


Goal: Unless we’re fast to try new things, create new offers, and learn about new traffics…we’ll cease to exist as a business by this time next year.


Name Dropping: Mandy at Facebook Headquarters


Speed combined with creativity is the key to this generation of business. It can be scary as you see friends go down with their brand, but you must hold on. This is due to debt, lack of creativity, poor marketing, and a offer that didn’t continue to improve.


Example: Toys“R”Us


The reason I was able to jump on the fast track was because I have no debt and low expenses. I’m not afraid of investing aggressively and I love trying new things everyday. Because of that, my brands are seen thousands of times a day.


So it boils down to this list:


  1. Study ROI like a book
  2. Embrace the concept of art
  3. Replace yourself with people who are better
  4. Do things no one else wants to do
  5. Let your office be a lab instead
  6. Watch what the kids are doing
  7. Improve Offer everyday
  8. Make getting results easier, faster, cheaper for your client


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MT 109: The Bonding Technique


Goal: To explain the ultimate way to get people to respond to you. This in the end saves your business. It increases conversion within the conversions (if that makes sense). It’s the only hope as marketing becomes more noisy.


Name Dropping: Frank Kern


I want to show you the simplest way to get your media to convert starting today. There’s no secret code just an amplifier of what’s already inside.


Without this technique and everything collapses. With this technique, it compliments everything you have running now.

Ways to bond in media:

  1. Choose a side
  2. Have that specific thing you like
  3. Go all the way with your personality
  4. Grow yourself live on screen
  5. Reveal the struggles
  6. Impress
  7. Make them laugh
  8. Live
  9. Improve your skill and be known for that
  10. Win hearts


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MT 108: Making Leads Come Alive 2018 Style

Goal: Getting leads is for beginners. Getting them to engage after contact exchange is advanced. Doing that with Positive ROI is expert level when done on scale. Let’s learn how to do that.


Name dropping: Ross. Got some value from your talk in the car. Thank you.


Today isn’t about getting leads. It’s about making current lead flow engage on higher levels and come forward to buy.


That’s getting tricky for many in 2018.


Here are ways to make leads activate and get hyped about the new exchange of contact information and money!


  1. Get bots to interact and make a connection
  2. Put your contacts through infinity sequence with email
  3. Let first impression be with video if possible
  4. Make them feel something right off the bat
  5. Be most creative at massive levels
  6. Text them with responders
  7. Call like crazy within first 24 hours of lead coming through
  8. Bring them new opportunity
  9. Make them believe you are the only solution (don’t lie though, step up).
  10. Retarget and don’t let out of your universe
  11. Spread this message across all platforms when possible

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MT 107: The Complicated Profitable Path

Goal: Today let’s break down the complicated path to winning hearts, breaking through, and becoming the shining light in our industry.


Name Dropping: Paula you are my best team member!


What’s complicated in today’s world that makes the fortune 500s stand out?


Cracking the code to ROI

Building a team that produce a ROI per member

The ability track ROI on every channel

Learning how to spend 1 for 3

Discovering the changing customer’s taste

Making the process of delivery of product more simple, more effective, and more cost effective


Smart phones saved space and made connection faster.

Cameras became smaller and smaller and higher quality

Information has become cheaper and more accessible.

Ads have never been more easier to track returns.

Cars are looking better, riding smoother, and getting cheaper to fuel.

Foods have become cheaper and more accessible to the world.

Water is now more easily stored.

Computers are more mobile than ever before.

Technology is getting more disposable as it lowers in price.

Lawnmowers becoming computers.

Getting a ride has never been easier with Uber.

You don’t have to own houses anymore and you don’t have to have hotels anymore.


It’s about eliminating the middle.


Become the source not the bridge.


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MT 106: The Extra Mile

Goal of podcast: To help you strategically defeat competition by going the extra in terms of technology and benefits created for your customer. This lowers cost per lead and makes you “the vortex”.


Name Dropping: Brad Z.


No one can copy Google, Amazon, and Facebook for a reason. They’ve done the impossible and everyday go deeper in their niche outrunning any competition that is left.


I want to talk how I’m doing this in my field and how you can too.


Doesn’t have to be the hard things per say. Just the creative things the competition hasn’t thought of to perform for the customer.


I also talk about why today’s episode is late due to two things coming my way that is both happy and sad. Listen to learn more!

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MT 105: The Math War

MT 105: The Math War


Goal: To help you understand the math war, how to play, and how to win in your area of niche.


Name Dropping Time: Jason. It’s launch time and can’t wait to see this blow up!


So in business there’s a war. I may have mentioned it before. It’s about spending your way to the top. You think the Fortune 500s would spend less since they are so big but in fact they spend more.


I want to show you how to begin this process for yourself and start destroying competition around you.


It’s about reverse engineering.


It’s understanding metrics like how much your service makes you, how much does it cost to get a lead, and how much to acquire a customer.


From there once you get this streaming pretty good you begin to improve each metric.


You lower lead cost with great visuals and switching out campaigns to get traffic to flow at better pace.


So let’s start with $1000 item.


Your CPA MAX should be $300.


Your CPL should be around $10.


It would take 10-30 leads to produce one customer.


To lower CPL you’d use amazing graphics and entertaining content.

To lower CPA you’d build trust via email sequence, bot series, media channels.

To increase value of each customer you’d simply create more and better offers and surround them with best content.


So who wins at the equation.


The most creative.

The best researcher.

The biggest investor.


One of those and you can win.


All of those and you own the market.


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MT 104: Why Leads Aren’t Converting

MT 104: Why Leads Aren’t Converting


Goal: To help you understand how to get a stream of steady leads and then understand the art of getting them to come alive


Name Dropping: Ryan, good talk mate talk today.


So first challenge for most is getting leads to flow on regular everyday. That takes science to perform. It’s a math game and investment. Most never see this and fail.


The next step is then getting them to come alive and love your brand and want to work with you. It’s like they want what you promise but can’t understand how you’re different.


Today we talk about key factors to making them come alive and want to work with you.


Let’s go through the strategies on how to flow traffic and then getting them to convert. Let’s learn how to make those numbers improve on a daily basis.


Then from there it’s about pumping the system with cash to bring those numbers up in order to meet your goals whatever that may be.

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MT 103: Magnetic Marketing

MT 103: Magnetic Marketing


Goal: To help you create content that makes people want to find your contact information. I talk about how to drive that traffic correctly to a scheduler and then to convert them from there


Name Dropping Time: William, you represent my perfect customer. I’m so glad I could make your life better with our results for you!


Magnetic Marketing brings people to you. That means they chase you.




It was something you said and demonstrated in your content.


You bring something to the table like no one else.


You’re powerful, consistent and very persuasive.


This method means you don’t chase people anymore, they chase you.


Frank Kern also loves this method.


We talk about what kind of content makes that happen and how to scale that content using ads.

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MT 102: Amazon Killing Google?

MT 102: Amazon Killing Google?


Goal: To help you prepare for the next new advertising platform and not crash in the transition


Name Drop: Nagrendra… You won the contest!


Amazon has dropped hints about competing directly with Facebook and Google with advertising. It’s their way to getting data from the marketers and knocking momentum from the media giants.


Let’s talk about how we prepare for this in time as prices rise with the Google and Facebook world. Never before have we needed the Team 1000.


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MT 101: The Phone Funnel

MT 101: The Phone Funnel


We’re passed episode 100! Yes!


We got a contest going at to celebrate that new milestone and I hope you join us.


Goal Of Podcast: To help you build a phone funnel that converts like you’ve never seen.


Name Dropping: Daniel, my new ads manager.


In today’s podcast episode I talk about how mini webinars are doing way better than the monster long ones. They’re easier to convert and will help you deal with rising prices in ad cost. With this method I go through each step and pick up the energy like never before.


If you’re looking to start more conversations and attract people who need what you have… this is the way to go.


To see our funnel go to:


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