MT 108: Making Leads Come Alive 2018 Style

Goal: Getting leads is for beginners. Getting them to engage after contact exchange is advanced. Doing that with Positive ROI is expert level when done on scale. Let’s learn how to do that.


Name dropping: Ross. Got some value from your talk in the car. Thank you.


Today isn’t about getting leads. It’s about making current lead flow engage on higher levels and come forward to buy.


That’s getting tricky for many in 2018.


Here are ways to make leads activate and get hyped about the new exchange of contact information and money!


  1. Get bots to interact and make a connection
  2. Put your contacts through infinity sequence with email
  3. Let first impression be with video if possible
  4. Make them feel something right off the bat
  5. Be most creative at massive levels
  6. Text them with responders
  7. Call like crazy within first 24 hours of lead coming through
  8. Bring them new opportunity
  9. Make them believe you are the only solution (don’t lie though, step up).
  10. Retarget and don’t let out of your universe
  11. Spread this message across all platforms when possible

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