MT 109: The Bonding Technique


Goal: To explain the ultimate way to get people to respond to you. This in the end saves your business. It increases conversion within the conversions (if that makes sense). It’s the only hope as marketing becomes more noisy.


Name Dropping: Frank Kern


I want to show you the simplest way to get your media to convert starting today. There’s no secret code just an amplifier of what’s already inside.


Without this technique and everything collapses. With this technique, it compliments everything you have running now.

Ways to bond in media:

  1. Choose a side
  2. Have that specific thing you like
  3. Go all the way with your personality
  4. Grow yourself live on screen
  5. Reveal the struggles
  6. Impress
  7. Make them laugh
  8. Live
  9. Improve your skill and be known for that
  10. Win hearts


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