MT 110: Why you won’t be here next year


Goal: Unless we’re fast to try new things, create new offers, and learn about new traffics…we’ll cease to exist as a business by this time next year.


Name Dropping: Mandy at Facebook Headquarters


Speed combined with creativity is the key to this generation of business. It can be scary as you see friends go down with their brand, but you must hold on. This is due to debt, lack of creativity, poor marketing, and a offer that didn’t continue to improve.


Example: Toys“R”Us


The reason I was able to jump on the fast track was because I have no debt and low expenses. I’m not afraid of investing aggressively and I love trying new things everyday. Because of that, my brands are seen thousands of times a day.


So it boils down to this list:


  1. Study ROI like a book
  2. Embrace the concept of art
  3. Replace yourself with people who are better
  4. Do things no one else wants to do
  5. Let your office be a lab instead
  6. Watch what the kids are doing
  7. Improve Offer everyday
  8. Make getting results easier, faster, cheaper for your client


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