MT 105: The Math War

MT 105: The Math War


Goal: To help you understand the math war, how to play, and how to win in your area of niche.


Name Dropping Time: Jason. It’s launch time and can’t wait to see this blow up!


So in business there’s a war. I may have mentioned it before. It’s about spending your way to the top. You think the Fortune 500s would spend less since they are so big but in fact they spend more.


I want to show you how to begin this process for yourself and start destroying competition around you.


It’s about reverse engineering.


It’s understanding metrics like how much your service makes you, how much does it cost to get a lead, and how much to acquire a customer.


From there once you get this streaming pretty good you begin to improve each metric.


You lower lead cost with great visuals and switching out campaigns to get traffic to flow at better pace.


So let’s start with $1000 item.


Your CPA MAX should be $300.


Your CPL should be around $10.


It would take 10-30 leads to produce one customer.


To lower CPL you’d use amazing graphics and entertaining content.

To lower CPA you’d build trust via email sequence, bot series, media channels.

To increase value of each customer you’d simply create more and better offers and surround them with best content.


So who wins at the equation.


The most creative.

The best researcher.

The biggest investor.


One of those and you can win.


All of those and you own the market.


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